Does the O-Shot Really Work?

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called vampire facelift, a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses your own blood to promote healing and tissue regeneration. Well, guess what? Now, there’s a treatment that uses the same technique, but instead of rejuvenating your face, it’s used to rejuvenate your vagina and improve your sex life. It’s called the O-Shot® — (short for orgasm shot), and yes, it does use injections into your vagina and your clitoris. But before you turn away in anxiety, know this: Your clitoris and vagina are numbed before the injections, so any discomfort you may feel will be minimal, temporary, and extremely brief. Here’s how it works — and what results you can expect.

First, the basics

The goal of the O-Shot is to restore the health of the vaginal tissues while also increasing sensitivity, both in your vagina and in your clitoris. To achieve those goals, the O-Shot uses injections of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, a special solution made from a sample of your own blood. PRP contains special proteins called growth factors that help rebuild tissues and promote natural healing responses, helping to restore tonicity, elasticity, and lubrication in the vagina. PRP comes from a small blood sample that’s drawn right here in our office. The blood is placed in a special device called a centrifuge that’s designed to separate the platelets and plasma (the liquid part of blood) from the rest of your blood. Then the concentrated platelets are reinjected into the clitoris and vagina (after the areas have been thoroughly numbed).

When used on a regular basis, the O-Shot can play an important role in preventing vaginal atrophy, a chronic condition that occurs as a woman’s estrogen levels decline (and in women with naturally low levels of estrogen). In vaginal atrophy, the natural lubrication, elasticity, and tonicity decrease substantially, leading to symptoms like loss of sexual pleasure and painful intercourse. Vaginal drying and thinning also increase the risks of both urinary incontinence (vaginal atrophy) and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The PRP contained in the O-Shot helps promote natural healing in the vaginal tissues so natural lubrication and firmness are restored. As a result, intercourse becomes more physically stimulating and also more pleasurable.

When injected into the clitoris, PRP makes the area more sensitive and more responsive to stimulation. The clitoris is “home” to as many as 15,000 nerve endings, so it’s easy to see how improving sensitivity in this area can help women achieve orgasms more easily, as well as orgasms that are more pleasurable and satisfying.

Benefits of the O-Shot

One of the big benefits of the O-Shot is that it can effectively treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy without the use of hormones. While hormone replacement therapy can also be successful in treating vaginal dryness, tissue thinning, and related symptoms to make sex more comfortable, when you take hormones, you also assume increased risks for some potentially serious medical problems. Plus, to make sure you’re getting just enough hormones but not too many, you need to have frequent blood tests so your dose can be adjusted over time. 

With the O-Shot, your results can last for up to a year, and regular “touch-ups” mean you can maintain your results indefinitely. Best of all, since there are no hormones, you don’t have to worry about estrogen-related side effects, and there aren’t any messy estrogen creams to deal with either. And of course, since PRP comes from your own blood, you don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction from your treatment.

That’s all great, but what really matters is how it works. Now, no medical treatment is ever guaranteed 100 percent, but because the O-Shot addresses two of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in women — specifically, vaginal atrophy and poor stimulation — there’s a very good chance it can help you find more sexual pleasure while also promoting better vaginal health overall. 

Is the O-Shot right for you?

Of course, the best way to know if the O-Shot is a good choice for you is to schedule an office visit at Brown, Pearson and Guepet Gynecology. During your visit, your doctor will review your symptoms with you to determine if the O-Shot can help. To learn more about the O-Shot or to schedule an office visit, contact the practice today.

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