Sex After Menopause Doesn't Have to be Painful: Learn About Surgery-Free ThermiVA

ThermiVA, your solution to painful sex after menoppuase.

You knew menopause would bring changes, some good and some not so good. It’s probably hard, after all, to grieve the loss of those cramps and other symptoms associated with your monthly periods. And hot flashes are only temporary, right? But many women are unprepared for the vaginal tissue changes that are also a part of menopause and can turn sex into a painful experience.

At Brown, Pearson, & Guepet Gynecology in Fairhope, Alabama, we specialize in all aspects of women’s health, including those postmenopausal changes that affect your vaginal tissue. You don’t have to learn to live with these changes. THERMIva® treatments can help restore vaginal health and reinvigorate your sex life.

And the treatment’s results are based on enhancing your body’s natural ability to repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate vaginal tissue at the cellular level. No surgery, injections, or hormones required.

What are the symptoms of postmenopausal vaginal tissue changes?

Vaginal changes associated with the decreased estrogen levels caused by menopause may include:

Menopausal changes can also decrease the natural lubrication of vaginal tissue, reduce the tone of your external genitalia (labia majora), and lessen erotic sensation. Any one of these symptoms can interfere greatly with your sexual enjoyment and make it your least favored activity.

How can THERMIva help?

THERMIva is a nonsurgical treatment that uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to gently warm vaginal tissue, which increases circulation to the area and stimulates your body’s production of collagen and other natural tissue-rebuilding substances.

As your vaginal tissue becomes healthier, its tone and elasticity improve, and the natural lubrication process lost with menopause increases, which can resolve painful sexual intercourse related to menopausal changes.

Does THERMIva help with other postmenopausal changes?

Because it’s designed to improve the overall health and vitality of your vaginal tissue, THERMIva can also decrease other symptoms associated with postmenopausal changes, including:

What is a THERMIva treatment like?

This in-office treatment is cleared by the FDA and takes about 45 minutes, during which you recline in the traditional pelvic exam position. Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, the THERMIva vaginal probe is sized to fit easily into your vaginal opening. Safety measures include a temperature-control system that prevents skin damage while providing a gentle warmth that’s very well-tolerated.

You may notice a slight vaginal discharge for a short time after a THERMIva treatment, but you can expect to return to normal activities immediately with no restrictions necessary.

How long before I see results?

Optimal results may take several weeks. You can expect improvements in the skin tightness and appearance of your external genitalia (labia majora) almost immediately, which will also continue to improve over time.

Will I need more than one THERMIva treatment?

For optimal results, we recommend three 45-minute sessions once a month with a “touch-up” treatment 9-18 months after the third monthly session. We’ll discuss all of this in detail before scheduling your first treatment.

You don’t have to live with painful sex after menopause. Schedule your visit regarding THERMIva vaginal rejuvenation treatments at Brown, Pearson, & Guepet Gynecology today.  

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