Sexual Dysfunction Is More Common Than You Think

Sexual dysfunction in men is often a topic of conversation, and with treatments like Viagra® being so prevalent, the issue is often considered to be effectively handled. But what about sexual dysfunction in women? The truth is it’s more common than many people realize, and there are, in fact, treatments available for this problem as well.

Our gynecologists and the rest of our team at Brown Pearson and Guepet Gynecology want you to know you’re not alone when it comes to sexual dysfunction. While shame stigmas would like you to believe otherwise, there are many other women suffering from the same issues, and there are a number of possible treatments available, some of which you can obtain at our office.

The prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women

As previously stated, most of the conversations about sexual dysfunction revolve around men, if they are had at all. But female sexual dysfunction is a serious and prevalent issue that affects around 40% of women, according to a study published by the medical journal Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry. 

While these disorders become more common as women age, they can still occur at any time during your life.

Understanding sexual dysfunction

There are four main types of sexual dysfunctions, as stated by the National Library of Medicine. They are:

 These problems can come from myriad places, including psychological issues, physical issues, or both. Anything from vaginal dryness to heart disease to hormone changes to past trauma to stress could potentially lead to sexual dysfunction. 

When you start to understand how large this blanket term is and how many issues can cause sexual dysfunction, it’s much easier to recognize that you are not alone.

Treating sexual dysfunction

Of course, because there are so many different possible issues leading to sexual dysfunction, it directly follows that there are many different treatments available for this problem. After all, we can’t treat someone who’s experiencing sexual dysfunction due to stress at work in the same way as someone who’s experiencing hormonal changes.

At our gynecological office, we offer several treatment options to help with your sexual dysfunction, as well as a safe, shame-free space to discuss your experiences and to begin to heal.


ThermiVa is a radiofrequency treatment we offer at our office that helps to increase libido and sensitivity so you can derive more enjoyment and pleasure out of your sexual encounters. This treatment is noninvasive, requires no recovery time, and offers immediate results.

Hormone pellet therapy

Hormone pellet therapy is used for sexual dysfunction caused by a hormonal imbalance. It mirrors the same hormones your body makes, increases your sex drive, and allows you to treat your hormone imbalance in a safe, organic way.


The O-Shot is also known as the Orgasm Shot. It involves taking your blood, isolating the platelet-rich plasma, and injecting it into your clitoris in order to increase sensitivity in the area.

Other treatments

Of course, there are many other treatment options available for sexual dysfunction, some of which may include therapy, education, distraction techniques, and pain remedies. When it comes to choosing the right treatment, everything depends on which type of sexual dysfunction is affecting you as well as where the issue originated.

Want to learn more about treatments for sexual dysfunction? Call us to make an appointment at our Fairhope, Alabama, office and to begin your life anew, free from sexual dysfunction.

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