What is Morpheus8?


The Morpheus8 is a fractional skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. Penetrating deep into the skin and fat, this morphs the aging face or body into a more desired smooth and sleek appearance.  The microneedling procedure provides deep and safe fractional treatment with uniform effect. There is little to no thermal damage to the dermis and safe for most skin types and tones. Visible results can be seen within a few days, but typically after three weeks the most noticeable results appear. Improvements continue up to three months after treatment


What areas can be treated?

Morpheus8 can be used on any areas that can benefit from sub-dermal renewal. The most commonly treated areas include the lower face and neck.  Areas of the face and body that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scarring are suitable for treatment.


How many treatments will I need?

Three treatments are recommended for maximum results. Touch ups may be required for maintenance care.


What kind of post procedure care is required?

Since patient downtime is minimal, makeup can be applied 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Patients should expect to see micro lesions a few days after treatment and slight redness for up to one week depending on treatment parameters.  Patients should moisturize the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure.  It is also recommended that patients use a good, broad spectrum sunscreen every day.


Is Morpheus8 covered by insurance?

Morheus8 is not covered by insurance, but our office offers special packages throughout the year to make this option affordable to our patients.


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