Overcoming Overactive Bladder

Urge urinary incontinence (or overactive bladder) is a problem for more than 33 million Americans. Interrupted sleep, running to the bathroom day and night, and limiting activities based on bathroom availability are some of the symptoms women endure. Sadly, only about half the women who endure overactive bladder seek medical help for it. Treatment options include medication, diet modification and physical therapy. If these are unsuccessful, a minimally invasive procedure called InterStim© brings relief to many patients.

InterStim is performed on an outpatient basis, has no activity limitations upon returning home, and the success rate is greater than 80%. InterStim uses a small stimulation system, implanted under the skin, that provides electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves located under the tailbone. The sacral nerves control bladder function. By gently stimulating the nerves, InterStim restores urinary control. The stimulation can easily be adjusted or deactivated by you at home as needed. The size of a silver dollar, the device is unobtrusive and fully concealed.